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Haiyan Qin (秦海燕)

PhD, Associate Research Professor
Email: hattieqin@zju.edu.cn
Phone: 0086-(0)571-87953346



Haiyan Qin received her B.S. degree from Zhejiang University in 2005. She participated in a joint PhD program and received PhD degrees in Biotechnology from Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden in 2011 and in Optical Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2012. She visited the State University of New York at Buffalo during 2007 and 2008. Haiyan joined Prof. Xiaogang Peng’s group in Zhejiang University as a postdoctoral fellow in 2012. She became a research associate in 2014 and an associate research professor in 2015. Her research interest currently focuses on spectroscopic properties of nanocrystals by combining single-molecular microscopy and transient fluorescence spectroscopy.


31. Xiaoqi Hou, Jun Kang, Haiyan Qin*, Xuewen Chen, Junliang Ma, Jianhai Zhou, Liping Chen, Linjun Wang, Lin-Wang Wang* and Xiaogang Peng*, Engineering Auger recombination in colloidal quantum dots via dielectric screening, Nature Communications, 10, 2019: p. 1750.

30. Xiaoli Yang, Chaodan Pu*, Haiyan Qin, Shaojie Liu, Zhuan Xu, and Xiaogang Peng*, Temperature- and Mn2+ concentration-dependent emission properties of Mn2+-doped ZnSe nanocrystals, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141 (6), 2019: p. 2288–2298.

29. Long Lin, Min Chen, Haiyan Qin, and Xiaogang Peng*, Ag nanocrystals with nearly ideal optical quality: synthesis, growth mechanism, and characterizations, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (50), 2018: p. 17734–17742. 

28. Meiyi Zhu, Jianhai Zhou, Zhuang Hu, Haiyan Qin*, and Xiaogang Peng*, Effects of Local Dielectric Environment on Single-Molecule Spectroscopy of CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Quantum Dot, ACS Photonics, 5 (10), 2018: p. 4139–4146.  

27. Weiwang Xu#, Xiaoqi Hou#, Yongjun Meng, Renyang Meng, Zhiyuan Wang, Haiyan Qin*, Xiaogang Peng*, and Xue-Wen Chen*, Deciphering Charging Status, Absolute Quantum Efficiency, and Absorption Cross Section of Multi-Carrier States in Single Colloidal Quantum Dot, Nano Letters, 17(12), 2017: p. 7487-7493.

26. Jianhai Zhou, Meiyi Zhu, Renyang Meng, Haiyan Qin, and Xiaogang Peng*, Ideal CdSe/CdS core/shell nanocrystals enabled by entropic ligands and their core size-, shell thickness-, and ligand-dependent photoluminescence properties, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139 (46) 2017: p. 16556–16567.    

25. Haiyan Qin, Renyang Meng, Na Wang and Xiaogang Peng*, Photoluminescence Intermittency and Photo-Bleaching of Single Colloidal Quantum Dot. Advanced Materials, 29(14) 2017: p. 1606923.





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