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Dr. Feng-Shou Xiao

Department of ChemistryZheJiang University
Hangzhou, 310000, China  
Phone: +86-0571-88273282  
Email: fsxiao@zju.edu.cn

    Catalytic materials group in institute of catalysis (Zhejiang Univeristy) was established by Prof. Feng-Shou XIAO, since he moved from Jilin University in November, 2009.

    Science and technology aim at improving human life. It follows that, in order to live in concert with the environment, sustainable practices and enhanced management of the material flows through society are called for. Thus, the development of new technologies for the sustainable production of materials and energy should be imminent. Catalysis is a key technology to achieve the objectives of sustainable chemistry and energy problem. Research interests in catalytic materials group are focused on syntheisis, characteriaztion and catalytic tests of functional materails with nanopore, such as Zeolites and Zeotype materials. Zeolites are possible the most widely used catalysts in industry. In view of the industrial importance of zeolites and also because of the intrinsic scientific interest in their structural complexity and diverse chemistry, considerable effort has been directed into zeolite and zeotype materials.    


Chemistry without catalysis,

 would be a sword without a 

handle, a light without 

brilliance, a bell without sound.
— Alwin Mittasch

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