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National Demonstration Center For Experimental Chemistry Education

The Center was established in 1987. The new center was re-organized after the amalgamation of four universities into Zhejiang University in 1998, on the basis of the original separate chemistry labs. The center sets up the basis chemistry laboratory, intermediate chemistry laboratory, comprehensive chemistry laboratory and public platform for large-scale instruments; and it implements the director responsibility system.

The center is open to over 40 disciplines of Zhejiang University and more than 5000 students every academic year, offering 15 laboratory courses according to the three course platforms of faculty of science, chemistry, and chemistry relevance. It covers 280,000 experimental teaching student/hours every school year, and provides the appropriate multi-level platform for the admission according to faculty, the credit system and elective system in Zhejiang  University.


Following Zhejiang Universitys educational concept of people oriented, integrated cultivation, seeking the truth and innovation, and pursuing of excellence, the center has probed into the revolution of curricular system, teaching ideas, contents and methods with the construction of the discipline, and has achieved series of progress. The Comprehensive Chemical Experiments is selected in the State Excellent Courses, and the Fundamental Chemical Experiments is reckoned as one of the Provincial Excellent Courses. The center has published 6 experimental course books during 2005 to 2011. It has won the National Prizes for Outstanding Teaching Achievements for several times. It also became one of the first experimental teaching demonstration centers of national level in 2005.