Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate education in the Department of Chemistry is designed according to two  parallel training programs of ordinary class and Qiushi scientific class. The first class admit about 60-90 students annually, while the Qiushi scientific class 20 students.


The Department of Chemistry is the only one in China that owns both the National Base for Training of Research and Teaching Talents in Basic Science and the National Teaching Base for Basic Courses of Engineering. It has four national level quality courses such as organic chemistry and comprehensive chemistry experiments. The Experimental Chemistry Teaching Center is one of the first experimental teaching demonstration centers of national level, and the teaching team of Fundamental Courses of Chemistry is one of the first teaching teams of national level.


The Department of Chemistry offers more than 330 courses a year for undergraduates in Zhejiang University, including basic instruction courses, multicategorical courses, specialized courses and personalized courses, and has covered a number of 13,000 undergraduate students who selected these courses. Bilingual teaching is promoted in the teaching of specialized courses, including physical chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Contact: Miss Yuan